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Our professional team of technicians is able to take care of any ac repair, maintenance, or installation needs.


AC Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

One Way Air can help your AC services needs, whether it's maintenance, installation, or repair. Our experienced and expert technicians will provide you with the professional service you expect and deserve. Our goal is the highest quality service available, your satisfaction, and a comfortable home.

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AC Service

Your air conditioner is essential to your home's comfort throughout the summer months. When your AC breaks down, or you need AC repair, installation, or replacement, you need help fast. Furthermore, you will want help you can rely on and trust. At Only Way Air, our technicians are certified with continuing education, ensuring we are always up to date with the latest in training.

AC Installation

Sometimes an old air conditioning unit needs to be replaced for cost, efficiency, or other reasons.

Emergency AC Repair

If your air conditioning is not working correctly, we’ll come to your home and diagnose the problem quickly.

System maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner is important because it can help your unit last longer.

AC Repair

AC repair isn't as simple as adding refrigerant. First of all, it is vitally important to use the proper refrigerant. Secondly only a licensed HVAC professional can buy HVAC refrigerant. Finally, an amateur can cause damage to the unit by not adding the proper amount, or evacuating air if required, for example. There is also the consideration that specialized equipment is required to determine if the AC is low on refrigerant and by how much. Plus there is the fact that the problem could be something else! Leave AC repair to a professional HVAC technician. Otherwise you may void your warranty, or find yourself buying a new AC.

Not sure if your air conditioner needs repair? Check the thermostat before calling for repair. Ensure the fan is on 'AUTO' and is set to 'COOL'. If it uses batteries, go ahead and change them and lower the temperature to kick the AC on. Also, check the breaker in the home's electrical service panel. In addition, ensure the filter isn't clogged up.

AC Installation

AC installation isn't as simple as buying the same tonnage AC and installing it. Why? Because newer refrigerants call for entirely different applications. For example, your old unit may be a 3-ton, but due to new refrigerants and technology, you may only need a 2 1/2-ton. Newer air conditioners are more efficient and perform better. Why purchase more than you need? The better question is why you should not!

Your Only Way Air AC technician is trained in how to properly size HVAC equipment. There are several factors that have to be considered. Things like square footage, ceiling height, insulation, south-facing windows, size, and type. Whether or not your home receives shade and the direction, and more. If the system is too small, it won't cool your home or office effectively. If the system is too large, it will short cycle, where it doesn't run long enough, resulting in high indoor humidity, higher utility bills, and can wear the equipment out fast. Our technicians will do the job correctly, ensuring you have the size you need, with proper installation and safety first. Reach out today for a free estimate of an AC installation or replacement.

AC Maintenance

Your air conditioner will provide its best possible performance, and efficiency, and last longer when it receives routine professional care and maintenance. A central unit should be serviced once per year in the spring, while a heat pump should receive maintenance in the spring and fall. The heat pump provides your home with comfort year-round, working twice as hard as a central system with a separate furnace. When it's time for AC maintenance, give us a call.

Whether you need AC repair, maintenance or replacement, you need a team who will provide professional quality services in a timely manner. We know how uncomfortable the summer months can be, and our first priority is your comfort.


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