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Furnace maintenance is crucial for ensuring energy efficiency, safety, extending its service life, and maintaining your family's comfort. Be sure to schedule furnace maintenance in the fall, before winter arrives.

One of the most important tasks in protecting your furnace is replacing the air filter as recommended. Filters trap the airborne particles from the air moving through your furnace system. The most basic filter traps dust, lint, and pet hair. More sophisticated filters trap these finer particles, helping to keep your furnace clean longer and providing cleaner air.

Some HVAC systems use HEPA filters resulting in cleaner air. This is especially important when a family member has allergies or respiratory issues. However, not just any system can tolerate a HEPA filter. Always ensure you are using the proper filter to avoid permanent damage to your furnace or any HVAC system that isn't manufactured to use them. Pleated filters provide a close comparison to the HEPA's effectiveness, and are safe for most furnaces. Contact your furnace manufacturer or ask your technician which filter is right for your furnace.

The Importance of Heating Maintenance

Filters are either the type to be changed monthly, every few months, or cleaned. Dirty filters can restrict airflow, causing unnecessary wear and tear on furnace components leading to breakdowns and even premature failure. Once a filter is quite saturated with dirt and lint, the debris bypasses the filter, contaminating the furnace components, and the air your family breathes. It's also recommended you vacuum the grill on the air return. The air return is the air intake into the system, where it flows through the filter. Lint and dust tend to accumulate, and can also restrict airflow. Vacuuming helps to ensure your furnace receives the sir necessary for proper function.


Regularly scheduled furnace maintenance is performed by a qualified HVAC professional. It takes care of the other necessary maintenance task to help ensure reliability and safety for use. Tasks such as a professional cleaning, any required adjustments for tuning it up, a comprehensive inspection, ensuring the thermostat is properly calibrated, and a vital safety check are performed as well as others. In addition, furnace maintenance reduces the frequency of potential breakdowns by identifying developing problems in advance of breakdowns. Only Way Air is committed to your well-being and comfort by providing the best service possible by adhering to industry standards.

Troubleshooting Your Heating

When your furnace fails, there are a few things you can check before calling for furnace service or repair.

  • Check to the breaker in the homes electrical box. It should be marked.
  • Check the thermostat and ensure it is set to heat. Raise the temperature above the displayed room temperature to see if the furnace will come on.
  • Check and potentially replace or clean the filter.
  • Check the fuel supply if the furnace is not electric.

When You Need Heating Maintenance

  • Blowing cold air from the registers. First, check the fan on the thermostat. It should be set on automatic. If its set to 'ON', the fan is blowing all the time, including when heat isn't being produced. Turn the fan to automatic, if the furnace doesn't come on raise the thermostat temperature. If this doesn't help, the thermostat or the furnace itself has a problem.
  • Unusually high energy bills. A dirty air filter or heat exchanger can affect the furnace's performance.
  • Unusual odors coming from the furnace or the registers, such as the smell of rotten eggs may indicate a gas leak. This is an emergency. Have all family members get out of the house immediately. Don't turn off lights, use a cell phone, operate any electrical appliance or strike a flame. Get out and as far away from your home as you can. Once you and your family are a safe distance away you can use a cell phone to call 911.
  • A common odor is a burnt smell due to dust burning off the first time or two the furnace is used. It's also possible a motor is going bad or an electrical wire is burning. If you suspect a bad motor or wiring, turn the furnace off and call your technician.
  • Loud or unusual noises can indicate a loose bolt, a failing fan motor, or a cracked burner to name a few. Call for a professional to inspect and maintenance your furnace.
  • A pilot light on older units that is all yellow or orange, or doesn’t want to stay lit may mean a good cleaning is in order. It may also means adjustments need to be made, or that you have a fuel supply problem.

Become aware of what sounds, smells and seems normal for your home's furnace. When a problem occurs you will be better able to take notice. In the long run annual maintenance for your furnace in the fall will benefit you with increased efficiency, safety, comfort and healthier air. Give Us a call to schedule your furnace maintenance.

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