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The Importance of
AC Maintenance

Professional AC maintenance helps to ensure your comfort, reduces your electric bill, and extends its service life. A common question is how often professional maintenance is necessary? The answer is once per year, preferably in the spring. Annual maintenance for your air conditioner also increases reliability by reducing breakdowns, and the need for AC repair. In some cases, it keeps your manufacturer's warranty in good standing, in the event you need repair during the warranty period.

A common task provided by a professional technician during maintenance is first inspection. This ensures your unit is operating properly and providing optimal cooling. Inspection can locate developing problems before they cause a breakdown or additional damage to other components.

It also allows your technician to assess the evaporator and condenser coils condition. Inspection determines when cleaning is required. A clean coil is essential to the units proper operation. Soiled coils reduce air flow and impair performance. Indoors, your air filter protects the evaporator coils from soiling. This is why it is so important to change the filter monthly or as the manufacturer recommends depending on the filter type. It's also important to use only the manufacturer recommended filter. You would never want to use a HEPA filter for a unit not designed for it. If you are unsure contact your manufacturer, or ask your HVAC technician.

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Outdoor coils can become very soiled in an overly dusty environment. Dryer vents, nearby industry, and your lawn mower are potential sources of a soiled coil. Always position your mowers discharge chute away from the outdoor AC component to reduce dust and the potential for damage to the outdoor condenser.


Refrigerant is your AC units life blood. If it is low the air wont be as cold, the unit may blow hot air, and the unit may shut off completely. Our technician will check your refrigerant level during maintenance. If it is low a leak is occurring and the cause and location will be identified, repaired, and the system charged up with refrigerant. Please note, while most AC systems have a safety feature that shuts down the unit before low refrigerant can cause damage, not all do. That's why you will want to shut down a malfunctioning air conditioner, and call for service.

The condensate drain is another component inspected during a maintenance service. In some AC systems, the evaporator coil is located inside your home. The condensate drain channels moisture removed from your indoor air away from your home. Over time they can clog, causing increased humidity in your home. This makes it feel hotter than it is, and increases the risk of mold, mildew, and discolored paint in your home.

The blower is the fan driven component of your AC system that provides cooled and dehumidified air throughout your home via the duct work. Cleaning the blower during maintenance helps to provide cleaner air in your home. Over time, dust can accumulate. Our technicians will clean and inspect the blower. When applicable, the blower and pulleys will be lubricated and belt replaced when required.

Homeowner Provided Maintenance

Change your air filter as recommended! In addition, if you are in excessively dusty conditions such as during a remodeling project, inspect the filter more frequently and change if required.

Vacuum lint from the return air grid periodically. Lint can reduce airflow, overwork your AC and increase energy costs. Never block the air return with boxes, furniture, or any other items. Impaired air blow can result in unit damage.

Maintain a 2-foot minimum clearance around your outdoor unit. Plants, trees, weeds, leaves, or clutter can impair the unit's ability to function properly.

Only Way Air strives to provide you with courtesy, superior customer service, and professionalism adhering to the highest industry standards. Our goal is your satisfaction and comfort, 24/7. Give us a call today to schedule maintenance. We are a member of the BBB.

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