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Heat Pump Repair Services

You probably know that routine heat pump maintenance is essential in the service life, performance and efficiency of a heat pump. But did you know delaying some repairs can result in additional damage to your heat pump? Heat pumps are rather complicated, and many of its components utilize safety features to prevent damage. For example, most heat pumps today have a shutoff safety designed into the system. When the refrigerant gets low, the safety with shut it down. As a result your AC may blow hot air, or your heat may blow cold air. This protects the compressor from locking up, and the need for it's replacement. Only Way Air provides the expertise you need for heat pump repair. We offer 24/7 emergency service, and are a member of the BBB.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Heat pumps combine both your home's heating and air conditioning in one system. Repair requires skill, knowledge, experience, and a commitment to quality for a job well done. Some signs are more noticeable than others and include the following common indications of the need for heat pump repair.

Unusual Noises

As a homeowner, you”re most likely familiar with the normal sounds your heat pump makes as it comes on to heat or cool your home. A properly functioning heat pump should initiate its cycle of heat or cool with a click at the thermostat, followed by the smooth, low level sound of the fan blower operating in the outside unit.

If the thermostat is properly set with the fan on auto, and either AC or heat selected with the desired temperature set, there may be a problem if you adjust the setting or temperature to initiate a cycle and nothing happens.

Some of the noticeable sounds that indicate you need to call for repair include the following:

  • 1Clicking or snapping sounds could be a sign of an electrical malfunction, such as a circuit breaker triggered.tem
  • 2Grinding, groaning or screeching noise from the blower motor could indicate the motor is going bad, or requires lubrication if applicable. Most motors are permanently sealed and will need replacing.
  • 3Squealing from a damaged or loose belt.
  • 4Vibration and rattling can be caused by loose parts and components.
  • 5Metal banging sounds may indicate a bent fan blade, loose parts or an obstruction in the outdoor unit.
Short Cycling

Short cycling is when the heat pump turns on more frequently than it should, and doesn't run long enough to perform its job. An over-sized unit can cause this, and should be replaced with proper sizing.

Restricted Air Flow

A dirty filter is the most common cause of a reduction in air flow. First ensure the affected register is open, then check your air filter. Air filters should be changed monthly unless your manufacturer specifies a different filter and frequency. If none of these are the problem you may have leaking or separated ducts. A faulty fan motor may be the cause.

Refrigerant Leaks

When refrigerant leaks a heat pump will be unable to perform properly. The presence of ice on the coils is a red flag that refrigerant has leaked out.

Thermostat Problems

Thermostats can go bad causing a number of issues. Change the batteries before calling for service.

Inconsistent Temperature

The inability to maintain a consistent temperature indicates the heat pump is having trouble. If older it is often a telltale sign the unit needs to be replaced. Check the filter and change it if necessary. A refrigerant leak can also cause this.

Elevated Electrical Bills

An unexpected rise in energy costs can indicate the heat pump requires maintenance, repair or replacement. Check the filter, and ducts, before calling for heat pump service or repair.

Maintenance Reduces the Need for
Heat Pump Repair

As with any HVAC equipment, routine maintenance is key for a long service life, and peak performance. Heat pump maintenance is recommended biannually, as the heat pump works twice as hard as a separate AC and furnace. thermostat. It could also be due to abnormally cold weather. If you have been seeing temperatures below normal near your home, your heat pump might be able to run constantly without running into issues. On the other hand, if efficiency and energy bills are your concern, we understand this is not what you want and we would be happy to solve the problem for you.

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