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Routine heat pump maintenance is essential for providing peak performance, and long service life for your heating and air conditioning system. You'll also see a reduced need for potential repairs by ensuring developing problems are identified early. A timely repair can prevent additional problems from developing within your heat pump.

Your heat pump should be inspected, cleaned and maintained biannually. You have to consider that a heat pump provides both heating and air conditioning for your home. It's two systems in one, and should receive maintenance in the spring before summers high temperatures, and in the fall before winter. Maintenance will help to ensure its reliability, as well as keeping your electrical bill down. Systems that aren't maintained can increase your electrical cost by as much 30%, therefore maintenance saves you money.

Our technicians provide professional tune-ups that help provide reliable operation and reduce the potential for breakdowns. Our maintenance consists of thorough testing and inspection of the entire system. This includes air filters and airflow, the thermostat, checking the refrigerant charge, electrical connections and components, inspecting the coils, inspecting and tightening belts, cleaning out debris, and lubricating moving parts where applicable.

Heat Pump Service

Coils require an inspection as they will require periodic cleaning. The coils located on the outdoor unit are exposed to the elements year-round, Dirt, and debris accumulate over time resulting in impaired performance, including the ability to heat and cool properly. Its also possible coils can develop mold. The maintenance inspection will identify if a coil cleaning service is required.

Why You Should Maintain your Heat Pump

Cleaning or replacing the air filter each month is a maintenance task the homeowner can provide. Overly dirty air filters can restrict airflow, resulting in reduced comfort, higher utility bills, unnecessary wear and tear on the unit, and may cause a complete shutdown of the heat pump or even damage.


An additional benefit of maintenance is your family's safety. Electrical problems can lead to the potential for a fire in your home, but your technician will inspect for this and take care of any found. Reliability of your heating and air conditioning is high on everyone's list. It often seems that breakdowns will occur at the worst times, and a lack of maintenance adds stress on a system already working hard in temperature extremes.

An additional reason for scheduling maintenance is to comply with a manufacturer's warranty. Failure to provide professional maintenance can void the warranty when applicable. DIY by the homeowner won't qualify, trust your heat pump only to a licensed and certified company technician.

Tips for Your Heat Pump

Remove Debris

Maintain a debris and plant free distance of 2 ft. around your heat pump to allow for proper airflow. Clean or change air filters once a month or as needed. Dirty air filters, the air return vent, coils, and fans reduce airflow through the heat pump system. Reduced airflow decreases the system's performance and can damage the compressor.

Maintain the Comfort of Your Home

Maintain the comfort of your home, while reducing the operating costs of your heat pump by contacting us today. Our licensed, knowledgeable professionals will provide you with superior service. We respect your time and home and are a member of the BBB. We offer emergency services 24/7.

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